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Hey there!

My name is Rob, I've been doing game development help, training, and production help in the amateur game development scene for a while (almost two decades!)

If you enjoy any of my completely free assets, toss me a few bucks and what kind of stuff you might want!

My goal with my placeholder asset bundles are to provide you with the forms and shapes for the general idea that you have in your mind for your RPG environment - instead of giving yourself goal post or "well I have to create a bunch of things for this area" - I provide a library of very rough (to say the least) vox objects depicting a general theme, aesthetic, or feeling.

This will allow you to strictly focus on what you are working on, without tripping yourself up. All objects are free to use in whatever license and alteration, so you can go back and flesh them out in however effort you want, changing them up completely - removing them - or adding your own slight touch to the placeholder to make it personal.

I will be releasing more placeholder asset packs as I think of ideas or get hit with the creative spurt - If you guys have any vision, prop, or object that you can visualize but can't quite make and it's stumbling you, just lemme know! - I'll help.


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Placeholder Asset Pack 1.7z 4 kB
Placeholder Asset Pack 2.7z 5 kB
Placeholder Asset Pack 3.7z 5 kB